New home for Jangro’s LMS modules

Last year I introduced you to Jangro’s distance-learning programme, the ‘Learning Management Solution’ (LMS) and I’m back to announce that they now have a new home in the shape of

Jangro has kicked off 2016 with a brand new website for its award-winning suite of training modules and to celebrate is giving potential and current customers the chance to download them free of charge with a special voucher code.

Through the LMS website, you can ensure all of your staff are fully trained in correct product and working procedures following a super quick and easy online registration, entering the code LMSGENIUS for exclusive access.

The system works remotely so it can be carried out at times to suit the user and originally consisted of eight modules with two additional modules being introduced last year by popular demand.

Each individual module has a different operating time, varying from 50 to 90 minutes. The training programme allows for employers to monitor the progress of each employee.

The award-winning LMS training modules include:

CarpetCarpet Care

There are so many different ways to clean a carpet. This module will look at all the different techniques that should be followed depending on the carpet groups. From wool, silk and cotton to polyester and nylon, are you clued up? Training is vital to ensure you make the right choices.


Colour Coding and Infection Control 

Know what infection control procedures and cleaning equipment should be used where and when by understanding the importance of colour coding systems. Grasp these, and you’ll be effectively contributing to the prevention of infection in your workplace as well as passing health and safety requirements with flying colours!


Failure to adequately control hazardous substances can more often than not end badly. Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations can be difficult to get your head around but are crucial to understand in order for you to control exposure to these substances effectively.

FloorFloor Care

About 80 per cent of dirt in buildings is brought in from the bottom of your shoes, resulting in grit and dust scratches damaging the floor’s surface. This floor care module will help you differentiate between the various floor types as well as the cleaning procedures and equipment that should be used on each.

HealthHealth and Safety

Tackle all issues relating to health and safety by developing safe systems and understanding the best way to achieve the safest outcome with this module.



Introduced by popular demand, Jangro’s Housekeeping module is one of the newest additions to our interactive suite. The do’s, don’ts, what’s and where’s are all explained, keeping you in the know when it comes to housekeeping.


Introduction to Cleaning

It’s important that you are fully trained on the fundamental aspects of any cleaning regime. Understanding the different elements that are required will ensure you deliver an efficient cleaning service while meeting all objectives.


Introduction to Equipment

Do you know what equipment to use and where? From electrical machinery to cleaning cloths and personal protective equipment, this module will help identify the different varieties of equipment.



Kitchen Hygiene

This module will examine all the cleaning processes and equipment it takes to ensure any kitchen environment is spick and span. Any kitchen can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria so it is vital you practise methods that will minimise the risk of spreading any germs.


Washroom Hygiene

Similar to kitchen environments, washrooms or ‘Sanitary Areas’ are prone to harmful bacteria. The Washroom Hygiene module will ensure you are fully trained in this area and know what cleaning procedures to follow in certain situations.

If you would like to access any of Jangro’s LMS modules you can register here but don’t forget to enter the voucher code LMSGENIUS.

If you have any burning questions you can contact Jangro by calling 01204 795955 or emailing

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Hello and Happy New Year!

For the first blog of 2016 I am handing you over to Joanne Gilliard, Operations Director here at Jangro. She is going to delve into the importance of using environmentally friendly products within the cleaning industry and the impact it can have if we don’t.

The rise of environmental responsibility in the cleaning industry

The environmental performance of the UK’s cleaning industry has seen huge improvement in recent decades, with more and more manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and end users making green choices.

Back in the 80s and 90s environmentally friendly products were ‘nice to have’ but now it is imperative that a green offering is included if businesses want to stay ahead of the game.

Adhering to stricter environmental legislation, improvements in energy efficiency, a move away from certain heavy and more polluting types of manufacture and voluntary schemes aiming to reduce environmental impact, can all help reduce your carbon footprint.

No single sector is solely responsible for improving the environment, but by working together businesses can certainly make a difference.

What makes a product environmentally friendly?

Jangro uses the Wright Environmental Impact Rating (W.E.I.R) system, which has been designed to help the user take environmental issues into account during the selection process of raw materials, the manufacturing process and packaging.

The unique, innovative system allows us to classify products according to their environmental impact and provides a good basis for product development.

Using ingredients that are less harmful, packaging that is not as bulky and carefully considering the journey of the product, from manufacturer to supplier and end-user, will all add to your green credentials.

When choosing products there are four main questions that should be asked:

SM21 Image 1

Careful consideration of these points will mean you make smarter decisions based on facts.

Use the right products for the job

One of the most common mistakes made by people buying ‘environmentally friendly’ products is that they use it for the wrong purpose, it doesn’t work, and they have to use lots more to get the job done.

Using an apparently low impact product to carry out a cleaning task in the wrong circumstances does not serve the interest of environmental sustainability. As suppliers we must help customers choose the lowest impact product most appropriate for the circumstances.

All responsible manufacturers of cleaning products have ‘eco’ or ‘green’ ranges that are delivered responsibly in the largest possibly loads using minimum packaging.

To ensure your employees are using the correct amount of product to achieve the best possible results you can download Jangro’s handy wall chart here.

Facts and figures

The media is awash with startling facts and figures about how environmentally irresponsible behaviour has taken, and continues to take, its toll on the world.

While most people skip past these statements it is important that as an industry we sit up and take notice. Here are just a few that may make you think twice.

SM21 Image 2

In conclusion, it isn’t difficult to become more environmentally aware, and there are simple steps you can take to implement a green strategy.

Firstly, research and invest in the right products, greener doesn’t always mean more expensive if you are buying from responsible suppliers.

Why not check out Jangro’s Enviro Range here for products to help you and your workplace reduce your carbon footprint.

Secondly, set up a disposal/recycling regime that will give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to stop needless waste filling landfill sites.

Thirdly educate your staff and get them involved with green initiatives.

Jangro has a whole host of Safety Data Sheets for each of our Enviro Range products. You can access them here

Last but not least, shout about your success! Green credentials can really boost the reputation of your business.

If you have any questions you can contact Jangro by calling 01204 795955 or emailing

Alternatively, you can drop the Jangro Genius a line on our social media pages.


*This article has previously been featured in the November 2015 edition of Cleaning Matters.