Washroom wow with Metsä Tissue’s dispensers

Welcome back to my blog. This week I have teamed up with one of Jangro’s suppliers, Metsä Tissue to bring you a special feature article all about its brand new Katrin Inclusive Dispensers.


The range has been designed in collaboration with customers, end users and industry experts from across Europe to take into account the needs of a wide selection of consumers including children, the elderly and those who have visual or physical disabilities.


Accessible for all

Metsä Tissue designed this range with total inclusivity with all members of the public firmly in mind. Strong, contrasting colours create maximum visibility and braille text is used to further enhance usability for those with visual impairments.

Large ‘push faces’ are easy to use for people of all ages and abilities and simple graphical signage clearly shows how the dispensers should be used and maintained.


Sophisticated choice

Contemporary black or white designs feature on all 10 types of Katrin Inclusive Dispensers. There are new models for the Katrin System Hand Towel and Toilet Roll as well as dispensers for conventional paper products and soaps. Other products include complementary waste and feminine hygiene bins and chic facial tissue dispensers.

Environmentally and ethically sound

The highest ethical standards were adhered to at every stage of the design of the Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range. Each product meets all the relevant EU regulations that are applicable to hygiene facilities in businesses and public facilities.

In addition, every step has been taken to help Metsä Tissue’s customers reduce their carbon footprint with environmentally sound paper consumables available.

All dispensers are made using ABS and polypropylene plastic, which are completely recyclable and can be safely reintroduced into the production cycle.

Finally, the products are specially designed to reduce wastage, cutting down excessive use of consumables.


Simple set up and maintenance

Saving time on installation and maintenance was taken into account in every aspect of the design of this range. Transparent housing and side panels ensures personnel can easily see screw holes for wall fixing and can identify how much consumable product is left.

Full fitting instructions are included with all models, which includes recommended heights to accommodate wheelchair users.

The Katrin Inclusive Dispenser products can be keyed or keyless, with simple set-ups on installation. For those that opt for the keyed option, the entire range uses the same key, which eliminates time consuming searches.


Tried and tested

Every single detail of the Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range has been rigorously tested to ensure safety and ease of use at all times. Extensive tests, which simulated an absolute minimum of a 20-year lifetime, were carried out across the entire range.

Research carried out by Metsä Tissue also measured visual appeal of the products, with 74 per cent of participants preferring the design of the Katrin Inclusive Range to other dispensers in the marketplace.

Mark Dewick, Sales Director for Metsä Tissue UK and Ireland, said: “We are immensely proud of our Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range, which is the result of the hard work and dedication of our design and research teams.

“It was imperative that the range catered for the needs of people across Europe and it also needed to be stylish and appealing whilst being cost effective and environmentally friendly.

“The dispensers, and their complementary products, will certainly add panache to any washroom setting and we have had a great response from our clients in the UK and beyond”

Joanne Gilliard, Operations Director at Jangro, added: “We are delighted to be offering these fabulous products to customers as they really do tick every washroom related box.

“I know that they are going to be very popular in the marketplace and we applaud Metsä Tissue for this totally inclusive, high quality range.”

If you’re interested in the Katrin Inclusive Dispenser contact your local Jangro supplier for more information or you can call 01204 795955.

In addition to this Mestä Tissue range, Jangro has a whole host of washroom related products and services including its Washroom Hygiene LMS module and free educational washroom wall charts.

Jangro’s YouTube washroom training video also contains some handy top tips, looking at the different hazards found in a washroom and the specific cleaning regimes required to minimise the spread of infection.

Don’t forget if you have any burning questions about cleaning washrooms you can always contact me on my social media pages.




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Give your office the ultimate spring clean

Welcome back! Spring is well and truly here, making it the perfect time to pull on your marigold gloves and give your office the spring clean it deserves.

This blog will share with you some top tips on effective cleaning procedures and how often these should be implemented in order to stay on top of the cleaning game.


You should already have an effective cleaning regime, which should be implemented once or twice a week but it doesn’t hurt once in a while to go that extra mile with a complete spring clean and add a couple of additional tasks that aren’t done regularly.

In an office environment, this could include everything from clearing shelves completely and thoroughly wiping them down, polishing around the skirting boards, moving furniture to vacuum behind and cleaning the inside of all windows.

shutterstock_196984454-02Did you know typical office workers could come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day?


Most offices contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat and office kitchens could be a hotspot for these bacteria if not cleaned effectively. In any kitchen, a lapse in hygiene standards can have serious consequences, whether this is an unclean work surface, dirty microwave or stagnant hot water tanks.

Cleaning the office’s microwave, flushing the hot water tank system and keeping your drains clear using Jangro’s Sink and Drain Maintainer are simple tasks that can be implemented throughout your spring clean.

My blog on Kitchen Hygiene will give you other top tips on how to keep your kitchen environment spotless, not only during your spring clean regime but also in the long term.


The highest standards of cleanliness need to be maintained in washrooms at all times to prevent pesky bugs and germs spreading to other parts of your workplace.

shutterstock_196984454-01Fact! Flushing the toilet without closing the lid can send germs flying as far as 6ft.

In regular washroom cleaning regimes, which should be carried out at least twice a week, extra attention is paid to washrooms anyway but for your office spring clean you could give the wall tiles a wash to get rid of any build up of dirt and grime.

shutterstock_196984454-03Jangro Genius Top Tip: Clean walls from the top down to avoid contamination of clean areas.

Perfect products

Choosing the correct cleaning products for the job can be a tricky one, therefore it’s important you know your cleaning agents inside and out before you set to on any task.

Most cleaning products fall into one of the below categories:

shutterstock_196984454-04The list really is endless when it comes to different cleaning products, therefore you could be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the correct ones for the job in hand.

You can view Jangro’s catalogue here, which contains hundreds of products, so whether it’s the main office area, the washrooms or kitchen, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever situation is thrown at you.

It’s important to keep in mind that using heavily scented products such as bleach and disinfectant can produce a strong cocktail of smells throughout the building, which can cause havoc in small office environments if not ventilated properly.

Remember when using these kinds of products, a little often goes a long way and they don’t have to produce a strong, chemical smell in order to be effective.

Don’t forget, Jangro offers several products with low perfume or unperfumed alternatives.

Peace of mind

It’s all well and good implementing a regular cleaning regime or organising an office spring clean, but it is important cleaning staff are properly trained in correct product and working procedures.

By now you will have all heard of Jangro’s award-winning, distance-learning programme, LMS, which will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your staff are thoroughly trained to do their job effectively and most importantly, safely.

The LMS modules on ‘Housekeeping’, ‘Kitchen Hygiene’ and ‘Washroom Hygiene’ will all be suitable for your office spring-cleaning tasks.

Please let me know how you get on with your office spring clean and feel free to send me pictures of your handy work on my social media pages.




If you would like any advice on how often you should be thoroughly cleaning your working environment you can email enquiries@jangrohq.net. Remember, it doesn’t have to be spring to complete a ‘spring clean’ and as office phones can carry up to 25,000 germs per square inch, now is as a better time than ever to start your office spring clean.

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