School’s out, cleaning’s in!

Welcome back! School might be out for summer but for those in the cleaning world it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the empty space and clean those areas you have been itching to get to all term.

From classrooms, hallways and stairways to kitchens, staff rooms and toilets, there is plenty to clean. This blog will share some top tips and techniques for cleaning different areas of a school as well as recommend some of Jangro’s products that will help you get the job done effectively.



There are so many different elements to a classroom such as carpets, desks, windows, chairs and even stock cupboards, where do you even begin to start?

Our Bactericidal Cleaner is ideal when it comes to tackling desks and other surfaces that have collected dust and dirt over the year. This particular product will allow you to get the job done quickly, without having to juggle multiple cleaning agents.

Classroom carpets certainly take some battering throughout the year. Dirt and grime get trodden into the carpet fibres day in, day out to the point you wonder if you’ll ever get that once tip top carpet clean again! Sound familiar? Extraction cleaning is definitely the answer. You can check out my previous blog on Carpet Cleaning to see a step-by-step guide to extraction cleaning and how it can help you.


School2Chewing gum is renowned for being banned in schools, high schools in particular. Here at Jangro we have a selection of handled floor scrapers to help remove pieces of gum off the corridor floors and from underneath desks. It may be a time consuming job and somewhat frustrating but certainly worth doing while the corridors are empty. Jangro’s Chewing Gum Freezing Spray may also come in handy for this job!

Streaky, finger marked windows are something you’ll be familiar with and something that definitely needs to be solved before September. Clean from top to bottom, using a squeegee to finish it off for a sparkling, streak-free finish.

Assembly Hall


Often multifunctional, assembly hall floors are exposed to relentless footfall. Throughout the year assembly halls can be used for anything from rainy day PE lessons, assemblies, fairs and dining so it’s important extra care and attention is paid to ensure the longevity of what is a valuable asset to your school.

More often than not a resilient hard flooring type is used in a school hall, ideal when it comes to cleaning as they have a high resistance to common chemicals but also allow for you to apply a high quality floor sealer to protect its surface.

The summer holidays is the perfect opportunity to strip and reseal these surfaces. Jangro have a wide range of products to help with this process including floor polish removers, floor seal and polishes. Our Hard Floor Care training video will fully explain the pros of stripping and resealing as well as give you a step by step guide.

In addition to the training video, our ‘Floor Cleaning’ blog contains everything you need to know about floor care but if you’re looking for further details or aren’t sure on a few floor care cleaning aspects you could always access our Floor Care LMS module to ensure you and your staff are fully trained in this process

What’s your plan?

I’d love to hear how you’re tackling your school’s summer holiday cleaning schedule. Do you have any top tips to share?

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