Serious about training

As many of you may be aware, Jangro has developed an innovative free e-learning platform – the Learning Management Solution (LMS). We think training in the cleaning industry should be accessible and free, and identified a clear need for a high-quality method of reaching a large audience.

Well, this ground-breaking initiative is proving to be very popular – already there have been 1,800 completed courses all gaining their very own Jangro certificate, while another 800 keen students have nearly completed their courses.

It makes us so proud and satisfied to know that we are helping to drive forward training in our industry, and we are delighted with the level of interest in LMS. But it shouldn’t be a surprise – after all, the LMS is a fully interactive suite of e-learning and m-learning modules which are available over the internet.

Here is the full list of the courses on offer through LMS:

We are passionate about improving health & safety in the cleaning industry, and wanted to improve standards and highlight best practice through training. However, LMS is not a replacement for accredited courses from respected providers. BICSc, for example, offers very special, intensive courses. We are trying to help compliance where companies can’t afford that level of cost or training.

One of the biggest advantages of the LMS is that it doesn’t take cleaners away from their day-to-day jobs to train. We understand that in cleaning there’s a high turnover of staff and they can’t always be spared off-site for a day of training.

The LMS is free for every organisation employing cleaning staff and will ultimately save money in getting the job done the right way, the first time, using the right products. The LMS is accessible on any laptop, palmtop, tablet, BlackBerry, android phone or iPad.

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Hands up for hygiene!

A recent news report in the Guardian highlighted advice from the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence pointing to the fact that young people should be taught how to wash their hands property to reduce the risk of infection.

We recognise this need as vital in improving the health and well being of the school environment, preventing the spread of infections. A few years ago we launched the Jangronauts, four hand-washing hero characters created to help teach children about the vital importance of hand hygiene in a fun, interactive and educational way.

The colourful characters feature on a range of washroom dispensers, and are also the stars of a variety of free education resources and support materials, including a story book, posters, masks, puzzles, stickers and much more.

We worked with educational experts to carefully develop a co-ordinated hand hygiene campaign for children, combining vibrant and fun learning resources with hand washing dispensers in their setting. This way, there is a clear link between learning about the hand washing message, and practical application.

Learning & application

Central to the concept is that, after learning about hand hygiene, children can then find the familiar characters again in the washroom. This not only serves as a reminder to wash their hands, but can also provide a confidence boost for children who may be cautious about using dispensers. Using colourful, fun characters is a way of communicating to children that they are OK for them to use.

Now we’ve expanded this range to include new dispensers and soap options. The expanded Jangronauts range includes a new manual model soap dispenser (BK038 FMX) and a touch-free model (BK039 TFX), available with colourful backboards and graphics, together with a wide range of soap options, including fragrance-free foam hand wash, and mild antimicrobial hand wash.

As well as in schools, Jangronaut dispensers can also be used in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, to name just a few, while anyone can download the resources, so facilities managers and parents can spread the message far and wide.

Easy & effective

Hand hygiene is easy, effective and affordable and should be part of everyday life for children and indeed for us all. Washing hands at key times such as after using the washroom, or before preparing/eating food, can stop bacteria and viral infections from spreading and leading to illness.

Helping children to really understand the importance of good personal hygiene, not only for their health and wellbeing, but for everyone around them too, is a valuable life lesson!

Go to to find out more about the range, and download your free hand washing resources.