Inside our new catalogue

Have you had chance to leaf through our newly-launched Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies 2017/18 catalogue yet? Catalogue1It is packed full of our latest innovative products for Washroom, Housekeeping, Kitchen Hygiene, Floor Care, Waste Management, Industrial Cleaning & Wiping, Nursing & Care, Health & Safety, PPE and Workwear. We service all away-from-home premises, from the smallest organisations to multi-location national companies.

Available in both print and digital versions, the catalogue is easy to navigate so you can quickly find the section and product you are looking for. The digital version uses page-turning technology and has a search function to help you get there more easily.

Highlights in the catalogue include our new Washroom dispenser range, our new Workwear range, additions to our Jangronaut children’s dispenser range, rebranded toilet rolls, and additional enviro concentrates, plus much more. We are committed to offering a choice of high quality products from top manufacturers, backed by a customer service team always pleased to help with enquiries.

Safety is our highest priority, and each product comes with its own code which links to its corresponding safety data sheet, also available on the Jangro website. We also offer a range of wall charts and risk assessment sheets to help you get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

And because we have more service points than any other UK distribution network – we have over 40 distribution and sales sites across the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man – we also provide consistent and competitive pricing.

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Don’t waste effort while cleaning

The term ‘cleaning’ covers a myriad of challenges from carpet stain removal to high-reach window washing; professional oven cleaning to waste management, and much more besides.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that will tackle each individual task, and while there are effective multipurpose cleaning products on the market – including Jangro’s quick-acting, all-purpose concentrate – time, effort and products can be wasted if cleaners are using the wrong solution or process for a task.

Proper training and scheduling are crucial to establishing an effective cleaning protocol for any facility; allowing a high standard of hygiene and maintenance to be sustained over the months and years. At the same time as knowing which products to use and when, cleaning teams should also have access to up-to-date information on the best ways to use these products, access to the latest health & safety requirements, and contingency plans in the event of an accident or spillage.

Here at Jangro, we’ve used our deep knowledge, experience and insight into the cleaning market to develop a finely-tuned offering designed to make sure customers choose the right product for the job, and know how to use it effectively and safely. This way of thinking extends to how we’ve designed our website – products are easily navigated by category, business sector and cleaning task.

When it comes to cleaning tasks, for instance, we’ve broken this down further into categories, and grouped products together that are designed to tackle these tasks. The five core categories are:

It couldn’t be easier to find the groups of products associated with specific cleaning challenges. At the same time, we offer video Product Usage Guides as well as our free Learning Management Solution training courses. We’ll even help with planning your cleaning – offering free cleaning schedule posters, for instance our washroom cleaning schedule.

There is really no excuse for using the wrong product or wasting time and effort cleaning inefficiently – we have designed our catalogues, website and training programmes around helping you select the most effective products for the job, every time, from a single source of supply.

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