Hygiene best practice – five things you may not know

Getting a facility spick and span plays an important role in infection prevention and control. But what do we mean when we talk about hygiene best practice in cleaning, and how can you ensure that you and your cleaning teams are getting the job done to the highest possible standards?

Here are five things you and your cleaning team may not know about hygiene best practice:

Do you know what should be cleaned and when in the washroom?

Washrooms require specific hand with glove showing thumb up sign against clean toiletdaily, weekly and monthly cleaning regimes to maintain the highest standards of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. For instance, did you know that germicidal or bactericidal cleaners will kill 99.99% of all bacteria found on a surface, and they don’t need to be used every day?


Do you know the difference between disinfectors and sanitisers?

Professional chef thinking

Catering businesses are vulnerable to food contamination due to poor hygiene practices by food handlers or unhygienic working conditions. To meet the required hygiene standards of a commercial kitchen environment, cleaners must differentiate between disinfectors and sanitisers in order to understand how to properly clean professional kitchens.


Do you know how to limit the environmental impacts of cleaning?            

18342414_1140943696010262_7634814867107582129_n.jpgOur Enviro range of chemicals has been formulated to ensure the impact is kept to an absolute minimum and has been designed to comply with all current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment. We consider the entire lifecycle of all our products taking into account sustainability at every stage, from manufacture to use and disposal.


Do your cleaning staff know how to protect themselves from hazards while cleaning? LMS-topicsMany chemical products used during cleaning are dangerous and can cause fires, damage your health or the environment. Find out more in our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health awareness training module, together with our manual handling, and health & safety courses and much more via our free e-learning platform, the Jangro Learning Management Solution.

How can you encourage children to use a washroom safely and hygienically?

18891822_1162380993866532_7915381736197359265_oDid you know Jangro worked with educational experts to carefully develop a co-ordinated hand hygiene campaign for children, combining vibrant and fun learning resources with the physical hand washing appliances in their setting? This way, there is a clear link between classroom learning and practical application. The Jangronauts are four hand-washing hero characters who teach children about the vital importance of hand hygiene in a fun, interactive and educational way. The colourful characters feature on a range of free-on-loan washroom dispenser units, and are also the stars of a variety of education resources.

While some view a cleaner’s work as something anyone could do, successful cleaning companies recognise the need for well-trained professionals. Here at Jangro, we champion the vital work that cleaners undertake day in and day out, often in the background and out-of-hours. We are proud to be raising the bar for standards in the cleaning industry, and would like to help our customers reach their full potential and produce quality cleaning results in an environmentally sensitive and cost-effective way.

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