Soap for social good

27 July soao co

Here at Jangro we are proud to offer hand crafted soaps from The Soap Co, through Clarity Enterprises. We love the luxurious look and feel, and also thoroughly support the social good that The Soap Co and Clarity Enterprises champion through their innovative business models.

The Soap Co is a social enterprise that creates soap products with wonderful fragrances, minimalist design and a strong social and environmental ethos.

All disabled people should have an opportunity for employment, independence and skills development. The Soap Co and Clarity Enterprises bring life to this vision with a workforce that is predominately blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged.

As well as providing a stable, friendly and supportive work place, The Soap Co also strives to reduce its impact on the environment by developing eco-friendly products based on natural ingredients. Its profits are reinvested into the organisation to allow further opportunities to be developed for its workforce.

Proudly British, the Soap Co currently employs over 105 people across the country, 80% of whom are blind or otherwise disabled. The company aims to generate over 60 new job opportunities every year.

We couldn’t agree more with The Soap Co when it states that there is no trade-off between luxury products, beautiful design and social impact. Every time you use a product from The Soap Co, you are creating opportunities for people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged.

Find out more about The Soap Co range on offer in our new Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Catalogue: Soap Co range.

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