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Part of our mission here at Jangro is to make high quality training as accessible as possible for our customers. Many of you will have heard of our online training platform, the Learning Management Solution – we spent over six years developing this free, fully interactive e-learning platform, and are constantly refining and updating it.

In fact, our hard-working team has recently made the LMS even more versatile and accessible through the introduction of cleaning guide shorts in the form of our new Task Cards. View a taster of one of our Task Cards below:

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As well as offering animated video shorts to help operatives train to perform a range of specific cleaning jobs, the task cards themselves are brief, highly visual documents containing step-by-step instructions for product usage and safety information.

Here are the first three task cards:

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We understand that it can be a challenge for busy operatives, particularly those working in smaller companies, to find the time and resources to attend training courses.

Courses often take place during working hours, and the cleaner must also sometimes travel to another town or city to take part – which becomes more of a challenge and causes greater disruption with ongoing training programmes requiring multiple sessions.

There are also higher costs to a business associated with sending operatives on training courses, including travel and the cost of the courses themselves, not to mention the cost of lost work if courses take place during working hours.

The benefit of the LMS is that course lengths vary, with users able to train remotely at times that suit them. This allows cleaning operatives to dip in and out of short sessions or longer sessions, making learning highly flexible and accessible. The new Task Cards make bite-sized training even more user-friendly and versatile.

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We hope you find them useful!

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